Laatste Nieuws

5 May 2007
Introduction of our restyled website.

For more details check "news".


TDS Creative IT Concepts
Our IT partner in Germany.

Hexspoor IT: Opleidingen
Our partner for training & education.

Odyssey Computer Services Ltd
Our IT partner in the United Kingdom.

IT Services Nederland BV
Our IT partner in The Netherlands.



Dommel Valley Solutions is an IT Company which is primarily offering products & services to the SOHO market.  
Through our network partners we can also deliver products & services to larger organisations.  
As a result of many years of cross border IT experience we are also in a position to advise and support multi national organisations.  
In our service delivery we use a network of closely co operating organisations. 

Included in this web site is an online shop with a wide range of IT products to support companies as well as individual users.